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Chris Buchanan
Chris Buchanan
Chris Buchanan is a Director of Terotek (NZ) Limited and a practising Asset Management Professional.

Welcome to our Blog

The purpose of this first blog is simply to advise the purpose and objectives of the Terotek blog.

It is our intent to improve our communication with the stakeholders of Terotek (NZ) Limited, through the publication of articles of interest via our own blog (TeroBlog).  Factors in measuring the success of this blog include:

  • the community of subscribed readers,
  • the community of contributing readers, and
  • our stakeholder community.

The objectives of TeroBlog include:

  • To publish news worthy items of interest to Terotek stakeholders.
  • To publish professional articles of interest to the wider asset management community.

The next blog, scheduled for 9 Mar 14, will outline a three month schedule of future blog posts.

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