Maintenance Planning

Many organisations employ planners and schedulers, but are failing to realise their full potential. It is estimated that less than 10% of these organisations utilise their planner/schedulers effectively. This is often due to lack of understanding of planning fundamentals, training and experience.

Why Plan and Schedule work?

Many companies fail to see the benefit planning and scheduling brings. They struggle because of a lack of resources, including manpower. The simple fact is – planning and scheduling is core activity which will increase utilisation of your current workforce.  Without planning your tradespeople could be spending as little as 35% of their time on direct maintenance work. Good planning and scheduling can increase this to 60-65%. If you consider one planner can cover up to 20 tradespeople, then the benefits are plain to see!

Skilled Planners and Schedulers

Terotek can help you realise these benefits by providing planning and scheduling professionals.

We have competent personel who can:

  • Act as relief planners & schedulers, for short & long term assignments
  • Provide Shutdown/turnaround support
  • Mentor your current staff
  • Provide formalised training

Planning or Scheduling?

Planning determines WHAT is to be done and HOW it will be achieved.

Scheduling determines WHO will do it and WHEN.

It is typical for organisations to combine both these roles and the person who conducts both roles is often called a “Planner”. Larger organisations may employ people in separate  planning or scheduling roles.

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