Integration of ERP & CMMS

Integration of ERP & CMMS

The selection of a Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) or Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is one of the most important decisions that will be made by those managing assets for the maintenance function. The decision will impact the organisation and the way work is managed for many years and may require a large financial commitment.

Much time and resource must also be committed to maintaining a CMMS or ERP system. Imputting new data as assets are procured or retired, audits to ensure correct use and data integrity are but few of the tasks. Training is vital to the successful implementation and is ongoing. New staff will require introducing to the system and current staff will require progression to advanced functions.  


Training must include not only how but why. This is a failure of many training packages.

Terotek have skills and experience in a variety of CMMS and ERP systems:

  • SAP
  • AMPS
  • Mincom Ellipse


We don't just train your people how to use your CMMS or ERP system. We train them how to use your system in your business context




All too often we hear SAP being criticised, usually because businesses fail to fully reap the benefits of what is a very capable (but inherently complex) system. This is typically a result of deficient training. After millions of dollars are invested in an SAP implementation, all too often the importance of training is overlooked and under resourced.  But it is never too late.


We are well placed to assist you to maximise the use of your SAP system


Terotek has specialist skills in SAP Training and Master Data management

  • We have been involved in several implementations of both SAP R/3 and ECC6 which have made extensive use of SAP MM, PM, PS, and CA (DM and Classification)
  • We have utilised some of the more technically challenging SAP functionality such as the MEB (Maintenance Event Builder), HTL (Hierarchal Task Lists), and the MPD (Maintenance Planning Definition).
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